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Use Case:

Our client Ms. Johnson decided to launch a health care web portal with objective and impartial information about medicine and health. His idea was not to offer medical advice, but to provide visitors with high relevant information they need, and to answer questions they ask in natural language; moreover, to assist visitors in keeping an eye on new medicines and publications about their diseases. But Mr. Johnson faced some complicated problems concerning information search and answering to custom questions.

"Some portal issues have become critical: we found a large number of false and misleading information about the description of drugs, treatment of medical conditions, precautions and drug interactions. The second problem was detected while testing of web portal by searching for information in natural language. The answers to custom questions were mostly irrelevant and complicated to understanding. And finally, we had problems while looking for information in large text files".

EffectiveSoft experts have examined the problem and advised Mr. Johnson to add a Question - Answering system powered by Intellexer SDK to his health care portal. We decided to focus on the search for information located on such reliable sources as,, and other trustworthy websites with medical information.

Question-Answering system processed these websites and provided high precise and relevant information about health care issues.

"It was a really helpful solution, because we finally managed to offer visitors the required health care information. Some visitors have chronic diseases, such as asthma, allergy or pancreatic diabetes, and they visit our health care portal to find updated answers to their questions. They are interested in new medicine and innovative ways of treatment, so the QAS system gives them an opportunity to find the information they need with little efforts within one health portal. Now it is possible to avoid overwhelming amount of false information about drugs and medicine and make data search more precise. The visitor can see and evaluate the proximity of search results and the source of information with the help of Question – Answering system"

Due to Question-Answering system we succeeded in solving many critical issues:

  • Getting answers to questions written in natural language
  • Displaying of updated information from reliable sources
  • Intelligent control of the answers relevancy
  • Users may see the proximity of information and its sources

"We organized custom support with the help of QAS system, and now people return to our website to find out new medicine publications, hot articles, required information concerning drug interactions and prescriptions, all possible adverse effects etc. With the help of QAS system we managed to perform large information search and to give precise and relevant answers to all medicine questions concerning health care"